A year ago I went on an exciting 16 day trip to Iceland that would change my life.  It was a place I had wanted to see for so long.  But, work, kids, husband, no money, etc, etc, you know the drill, stopped me from going.  Not that I was unhappy, I have a great life with a wonderful husband, three beautiful boys, great friends and a job I love.  I didn’t realize something was missing until this trip….ME!  I had lost me.

But, now I have found me again and I’m off!  Lots of adventures and lots of fearlessness! Ok, maybe not lots, but lots for me.

In June I went on a crazy solo journey across the south coast of Iceland in the world’s smallest campervan.  I got quite a few messages from concerned friends and family… “are you okay?”  “how’s your marriage?”  “any health issues?”  and the most common … “are you having a midlife crisis or something?”

My answer … It’s a Midlife Celebration!!!

It’s only just begun so follow along and hopefully my journey will inspire you to embark on your own adventure.  Whatever it is – going on a trip of a lifetime, reaching for your dream job or just changing your hair to turquoise- GO FOR IT!

As my youngest son said to me…

Mummy, be BOLD, be BRAVE, BELIEVE in yourself!