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Welcome to Picture The World!  We are just getting started so check back often for updates.



A year ago I went on an exciting 16 day trip to Iceland that would change my life.  It was a place I had wanted to see for so long.  But, work, kids, husband, no money, etc, etc, you know the drill, stopped me from going.  Not that I was unhappy, I have a great life with a wonderful husband, three beautiful boys, great friends and a job I love.  I didn’t realize something was missing until this trip….ME!  I had lost me.

But, now I have found me again and I’m off!  Lots of adventures and lots of fearlessness! Ok, maybe not lots, but lots for me.

In June I went on a crazy solo journey across the south coast of Iceland in the world’s smallest campervan.  I got quite a few messages from concerned friends and family… “are you okay?”  “how’s your marriage?”  “any health issues?”  and the most common … “are you having a midlife crisis or something?”

My answer … It’s a Midlife Celebration!!!

It’s only just begun so follow along and hopefully my journey will inspire you to embark on your own adventure.  Whatever it is – going on a trip of a lifetime, reaching for your dream job or just changing your hair to turquoise- GO FOR IT!

As my youngest son said to me…

Mummy, be BOLD, be BRAVE, BELIEVE in yourself!


My favourite Iceland locations

Iceland is a country with unbelievable beauty around every corner. Just when you think it can’t get any more amazing, it does! My favourite (and judging by the crowds, everyone elses!) locations along the south coast… Seljalandsfoss Skogafoss Solheimasandur Plane Wreck Vik Jokulsarlon – Glacier Lagoon Diamond Beach Diamond Beach Ice Vestrahorn Aurora

My first blog post!

Welcome to Picture The World!  When I travel I do a lot, A LOT, of research before I go.  I’ll do my best to share all the tidbits I learned before a trip and let you know which ones were actual gems and which ones were rubbish.


You can reach me by email at info@picturetheworld.com